Comparison of Tourists' and Employees' Evaluations Regarding Services



A survey was conducted in Muğla Region to find out, on one hand, whether there are differences between tourists' evaluations of hospitalities' performances and employees self-evaluations, and on the other hand whether evaluations of tourists from various countries differ. Tourists' and service providers' evaluations in six constructed areas differed significantly only in two areas: "attitudes" and "behaviors and skillfulness". Tourists' evaluations in the mentioned areas are significantly higher than those of employees. When it comes to the second issue, the study shows that there are some significant differences between Russian tourists' evaluations and Western nationalities' evaluations, those of British, Germans, Dutch, and Scottish. Also, Belgians' evaluations were set apart from those of the mentioned nationalities in "attitude of employees".

Anahtar Kelimeler

Tourists' and Employees' Service Performance Evaluations; Hospitality Entities; Culture

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