Risky Driving Attitudes and Self - Reported Traffic Violations Among Turkish Drivers : the Case of Eskişehir

Veysel YILMAZ, H. Eray ÇELİK


Risky driving attitude terminology is used to explain behaviors, which directly increase accident risk, such as over speeding or violation to traffic rules while driving and attitudes related to traffic safety. This study is focused on driver factors in traffic accidents and was carried out in order to show risky drivers' attitudes tendency, especially. In this study, in order to develop a risky driver attitude model, factors explaining obedience to speed rules, caring about traffic accidents, risk taking tendency in traffic and violations of basic traffic rules were studied. For this reason with the assistance of structural equation models LISREL 8.54 was used to try to develop a model, and fitness of the model has been discussed considering various fitness criteria. On the other hand, analysis of variance was performed for factors measuring sex, education level, age and driving experience, in order to portrait risky drivers.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Risky Driver Attitudes; Driving Behaviour; Traffic; Structural Equation Modelling

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